So…I just wanted to say, Thanks =)

Hark now hear the angels sing,

A new King’s born today,

And men will live forevermore,

Because of Christmas Day.

Like every year, I had tradition; the tree, even the friggin’ star was hanging on it, the presents, the lights, the family and even a jolly bellied man in red. Basically I was in a Christmas card. It still doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I don’t really care that it’s not really Your birthday. And I don’t really care if the church You built went in a different direction than You intended and I’m starting to think it is all one big conspiracy. I don’t care how messed up my life is compared to so many who do not know You or Your promises the way I do. I don’t care that many times I’ve stuck with You out of the fear of hell instead of love. I don’t care my future is as clouded as my past. I don’t care that I’m slowly losing the reason why I do the things I do; that the passion is burning for a different reason than what I began with. And I certainly don’t care that today does not feel like Christmas. 

I’m beginning to understand that no amount of tradition can fill the gap of pretense. 

I would rather I live for ONE tradition-less moment with You than a thousand traditional Cristmases without You.

Thank You for coming. Sorry if the chimney was too small.

P.S. I love You

Happy Birthday =)

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