V-Log: Tomorrow, the busiest day of the week.

A couple of months ago my dearest roommate gave me a birthday present before I left Adelaide for good. Unfortunately, due to extenuating circumstances (I procrastinated), I didn’t have the opportunity of opening her present in front of her. So, now I’ve decided to open the present in the form of a video, so she can see my reaction and she can see me open her present.

True fact: I actually waited until I had the time to do this video before touching the present, so my reaction is 99% genuine.

If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.


Jia Yi if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry I procrastinated opening your present till now, but on the bright side, now you get to see me open your present as MANY times as you want!!! You lucky thing, you. Also, thanks to you,  I finally have my long-awaited-for Adelaide Barbie.

Just for those of you who may read this post wrongly, I don’t play with the dolls, they’re COLLECTOR’S ITEMS.



Thinking of: My dearest JiaYums and Yolanda Be Cool&DCup’s ‘Me No Speak Americano’.

One thought on “V-Log: Tomorrow, the busiest day of the week.

  1. LOL LOL Fascinating choice of music! Glad you like it. Seeing your reaction, I went “Uh oh did I get the wrong one” ROFL >=D

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