Theory #46: When you sneeze you lose a little bit of your short term memory.

First I was afraid, I was petrified…

I didn’t know anyone. It was dark, cold and the strangers looked at me with eyes of curiosity. And weirdly enough, the room had no tables or chairs. I had to get my own. The furniture were all stacked at the rear end of the room. So I walked to quietly towards them, hoping to go unnoticed. As I made my way, a small figure blocked my path between me and my designated  table. I stopped dead in my tracks. The poor thing looked like she was having trouble carrying her table. She didn’t look formidable so I went forward to help her. As I handed her her desk she stared at me with a very “So you think I cannot carry my own table la now?” look.

And 6 years later, we have not looked back.

My best friend always looks at her glass as half-mine and half-hers. Sumie

Michelle, by the time you read this your mini concerto/surprise party high should still be kicking in your bloodstream.

Thank you for being that best friend to all of us. Life would suck grandma’s cracked heels without you.

Thank you for wanting this friendship as much as me. You are truly the Queen Bee.

Thinking of: Michelle’s Mini Concerto, Paramore’s Fences, Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive and Stevie Wonder’s That’s what friends are for.

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