V-Log 5: The 2010 Christmas Miracle

5 days ago Christmas was seeming like any other ordinary holiday. Like Awal-Muharam or Taipusam. I felt no Christmas magic. Don’t get me wrong, I was thankful. My Christmas lacked nothing good; there were presents, a huge-a** tree, carolling, decorations, cards, Christmas music, new dresses, friends and family. Nothing was missing from what could potentially be the best Christmas to-date. Then why wasn’t I pumped? When I was a kid, Christmas was the best day of the year; exams were over, Grandparents were in my house, we would be getting ready for post-Christmas trip to somewhere amazing, sleepovers with the cousins, and most importantly, the Christmas presents from parents which always got better with each year. And that was when I didn’t understand what Christmas meant. This year I know what Christmas means, and I feel …. bored. Like I couldn’t care less about how gay your apparel was or if the halls were decked with boughs of holly.

*fingers crossed* I’m really hoping for a miracle.

4 Days before Christmas

Watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Wrapped presents. Thought about how Christmas gets less and less magical with each passing year. Contemplated wrapping random souvenir from mom’s cabinet as a gift to someone I forgot to buy a present for. Cursing the fates and a certain someone for making me sick 4 days before I have to carol.

3 Days before Christmas

Grudgingly went out and bought more presents. Sent out Christmas cards. Did some Secret Santa work. Carolling practice. For some reason I’m feeling less Grinch-y today. Heart feels a size bigger. Flu showing signs of defeat.

2 days before Christmas

Could be the drowsy meds but today was a rollercoaster. I felt on cloud 9 one moment then suicidal the next. For no apparent reason. And also the strangest phenomenon; no one would talk to me online! I know right O_O. About 10 past 9 pm I gave up trying to make small talk with the only person who responded to me on MSN and decided to spend time with God.

Outcome: Back to cloud 9 infinity. One more day till the main event. Carolling tomorrow is going to be awesome. Can feel it in my bloomers.

1 Day before Christmas

Awesome carolling that really got me in the Christmas mood. As I was surrounded by families greeting eachother in love and gifts, I realised, some people need Christmas. Whether or not it’s a tradition, it’s something to hold on to; a hope, if you will. And I definitely felt beautiful.

True Fact: You have to surprise a turkey by its breasts from behind if you want to catch it.


Outcome: Best Christmas to-date.

My Miracle? Kitty singing. I never figured out what happened between day 4 and 1 but I have no complaints.

You will have great joy and gladness, and many will rejoice at his birth

Luke 1:14

Thinking of: The world’s greatest pick-up line, a.k.a Bruno Mars’ Just the way you are.

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