Here, hold my cleaver while I shave my chest hair.

DISCLAIMER: If you don’t like Justin Bieber, PLEASE do not read further.
I’ve never been to a concert before because

1) my very Asian parents would never let me go until I finished my studies.

2) it was always too expensive

3) I never liked a band/celebrity enough to want to see them perform live. Point: When Britney came to Adelaide last year. Point: When I had Paramore tickets and gave it away.

but more importantly

4) I don’t fancy the idea of shoving with 2000 over sweaty people just to catch a glimpse of the celebrity’s shoes and scream my lungs out to strangers whose songs I don’t even buy. It seemed like idolatry to a certain extent.

That being said.

YES. I bought the tickets to JUSTIN BIEBER’s concert.

I'mma tell you one time...


1) He’s talented

2) I’ve never been to a concert before

3) I’m earning my own money now

4) I’m sort of making up for lost time here.

My PRE-CONCERT Expectations.

I’m going to enjoy this concert immensely. The 8 hours waiting since noon for the 8 pm show will not be in vain. Bieber WILL notice me, call me up on stage and serenade me with “One Less Lonely Girl” for the world to see. The music will be fantastic. I will buy awesome Bieber merchandise. I will never regret taking leave from work to be a part of a history-making 17 year old’s world tour.

Sigh. Can’t wait.

DISCLAIMER #2: If you don’t like Bieber but for some reason have come this far down the post. Stop. Go to another site. Don’t continue reading.

On another note, I would like to rant a bit.

I’ve been pretty pissed off when some friends were bad-mouthing Bieber not because I’m a Belieber but because they’re much older than him and should supposedly be wiser. There’s no point putting someone else down even as a joke and joining the rest of the world in verbally bullying a 17 year boy you don’t know. I mean, I’m sure you didn’t sound as manly as you do now when you were 17 so if you MUST criticize someone, criticize his talent not things he has no control over like his voice cracking. It just makes you sound petty and bitter. I don’t know what you were doing when you were 16 la, maybe chopping wood and shaving your forest of chest hair or wtv things you ‘low-baritone-voiced 16-year-old men’ do  but I’m pretty sure you weren’t planning a world tour with Usher. And then on Sunday preach about loving one another -.-

Anyway, rant over.

Click here for Kingsley’s OVEREXPOSED: Bieber Fever

Thinking of: The chance I may need Anger Management classes, our new intern Thomas BIEBER, Katy Perry feat. Kanye West’s E.T., dedicated church workers, Johnny Depp in Rango and THE VELVET RABBIT PRODUCTION HAPPENING IN 2 weeks (click on the picture in the sidebar to confirm attendance)!

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