Talitha Koum.

2009 was the worst year of my life.

It was the year I had lost everything. My job, my marriage… Things were so hard I didn’t have enough money to buy petrol. So we, my daughter and I, had to take the bus to school and to work. I didn’t have enough money to eat. I had no money to feed my daughter.

The cheapest present I had ever bought my daughter was an RM3.50 card on her birthday. When I wanted to treat her, I would scrimp selfishly just to take her to McDonalds. There I would only buy food for her. She would ask me, ‘Daddy, why aren’t you eating?’ Then I would smile sweetly and say, “I’m not hungry, dear. I had a big breakfast just now”. When in truth I had not a penny to spare.

I couldn’t face any of my friends. Nor any of my relatives. I was so overcome with shame.

I spent many sorrowful nights acquainting my knees with the floor. I found myself frequently crying in desperation for a release from anyone who gave a damn. “Take my life!” I would scream to no one in particular. In fact, many times I held my life at a hairsbreadth, ready to do my dirty deed. But I would picture my daughter’s face. Who would look after her? Who would fend for my baby girl? There was no one.

I was losing hope. Losing it fast. If there was a God, I needed Him now.

A friend then brought me to church and there I met Jesus. Now, almost a year later, I have a job I love and excel at, a car I look sexy driving in and a church I love serving in.

There is a story in the bible about a man named Jairus who was rushing Jesus to his home to heal his dying daughter. But on the way to see the girl a woman with the issue of blood interrupts Jesus. This interruption causes Jairus’ daughter her life. Many people told  a distraught Jairus to not “bother” the teacher anymore for his daughter could not be saved.

Jesus overheard what they were talking about and said to [Jairus], “Don’t listen to them; just trust me.”

Mark 5:36

Jesus goes to the house, sees the little girl “sleeping”, and asks her to rise, upon which the 12 year old girl got up and walked.

The end of man is the beginning of God

God has the power to raise anything from the dead. Your dreams. Your situation. But do you bother enough to trust Him?

I take no credit for how my life has turned around. It was entirely in His loving hands. He did what He did for me to showcase to everyone so they would know that HE is God.

No matter how high the places God takes me, or whatever promotion I receive, the only title I want behind my name is

‘The Little Boy that Jesus loves’.

Inspired by Adrian Cheong’s Testimony. City Harvest Penang.

Thinking of: Red Candlewax, the plural form of mongoose and Cellgroup!

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