Frightened Hoarder.

My theme for 2010 was to unhoard my life. Needless to say, I didn’t un-hoard until 4 days before New Year’s.


It’s also nice to see I’ve actually achieved most of my resolutions.

1) Record another T.Swift cover. Achieved 29/12/11

2) Read ‘The Life of Pi’. Achieved  5/2/11.

3)Write at least 1 page of my book. Achieved 29/12/11

Here’s random snippets of the first page:

“…I wedged myself between two hooded figures whose backs were faced to me. No sooner had I placed myself that I felt a pair of hands run up my thigh. Rolling my eyes, I realized not even typhoons are worth sheltering with perverts who smell like Chewbacca.

Someone rushing past glanced at me and I felt this guilty look cross my face. Seemed silly but I felt like everyone’s eyes were on me. I told myself to snap out of it.

And it wasn’t as if I could ask someone. The people I hang …”

4)  Learn how to make rasam

5) Learn to speak Tamil, watch one StarWars movie and De-clutter room:

Fun and games aside, although MY theme when I started out was to un-hoard all the unnecessary things in my life, I feel like God had a different theme for me this year.


This year I feel like I’ve been walking along the path of independence:

Physically, not working with my dad, as sad as I was, really was something I needed to do because although I don’t get to see my dad at work, it’s just a step I had to take.

Mentally, I’ve grown out of taking peoples word for it. If I need information, I find out for myself. I think I’ve used Google more in this year than I have since I started using the internet. Reading the news more often, catching up on general knowledge, politics, science, health, entertainment, I feel when I have a conversation or engage in somewhat intellectual banter, I have something to add, it’s not just hearsay.

Emotionally, I used to run often to anyone who’d lend me a hearing ear, a crying shoulder to just “rant”. This year I had to grow out of that. I had to stop running to everyone to find solace in their reassuring words, but never really listening to their advice, because let’s face it, i only wanted the attention.

Spiritually however, I feel I’ve become more dependent on Him. The author of my life. Though sometimes quiet, He is never detached when I need Him most, which is essentially all the time.

I’m excited about 2012. Excited to see the Mayans’ faces on the 22nd of December, excited for what God has in store. Just. Excited.

“I get better and better, then worser, then better, then better than ever.”

Frightened Rabbit.

On a completely relevant side note:

Thinking of: The Olsen twins, hula-hoops, the flood that comes now that she’s gone, George Lucas’s The Empire Strikes Back, Gym Class Heroes feat. Neon Hitch’s A** Back Home and that stabbing pain.

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