Well, Happy Valentines. Or Singles Awareness Day. Or whatever.

Although the origins of this celebration isn’t all that romantic, it has somehow been uncharacteristically Hallmarked today as a day for lovers.

I don’t think much of it. I don’t love it or loathe it. It’s just another celebration. Like Groundhog Day or St. Patrick’s Day. I usually just spend it with my grandmother, mother or friends. Not this year though.

I didn’t expect gifts or wishes. But I did receive them.

I don’t know why I received gifts.

I always get suspicious when people buy me things I don’t deserve. But there they were.

I felt a little numb knowing I was single again. For the 24th consecutive year in a row.

Me: “Am I going to have a Valentines Date?”

God: “Not this year.”

I tried not to be hurt when a friend said to me today, “Well, we all know why you’re still single.”

Problem is, I don’t know why. I don’t have an answer for everyone who’s baffled why I’m so amazing (their words, not mine) and yet completely unattached to a good man. It’s just God’s timing.

But for today, I’m enjoying being single. Enjoying knowing that although I may not celebrate this over-commercialized Valentines Day religiously, I have people who have made all my 24 Valentines’ Day special in some way.

How I spent Valentines’? Korean dinner with my boss and colleague. He’s so handsome sometimes it’s disconcerting. And clumsy. Proved it when he spilled green tea all over me. Yay for the manager who gave me a free gift after seeing my clothes soaked in his green tea.

Thinking of: Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars Safe and Sound, losing a diva, buying a nice burka and Leighton Meester scaring the sh*t out of me in The Roomate.

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