Do you love your job?

My friend asked me this recently, “Sumi, do you love your job?”

Before a heartbeat could pass: “Yes, I do.”

He asked me this after I told him about my job that I guess to him, and this isn’t just him but most people, may seem that it isn’t a job suited for me or my personality. Many think I’m settling for less.

Before I took this current job, I had another. I had not gone on with that place because I wanted to do what I love. After I left I then found a place willing to hire me for what I love to do, but if I took that position, I would only have enough to eat tapioca and drink tap water every alternate day.

At that point I felt frustrated. I realised I wanted to do what I love but that $$ was important to me too. I wanted both but after 3 months of unemployment it became clearer of how infeasible it was for me to want to do what I’m passionate about at a price I desired.I felt the more I chased my dream job, the further it got away from me.

Sure, my job now isn’t my ideal, but realistically how many of us fresh graduates end up in jobs we have desired for all our lives immediately after we graduate? A small percentage I’m sure.

Sometimes a job is just that; a job. A means to an end.

Chris T.

Do I love my job? Yes.

Am I doing what I love? No where near close.

But loving where you are is a choice you have to make on the way to getting to where you want to be.

I won’t be in this office staring at the computer forever, but when I do move on, it’ll be me leaving behind a legacy while moving towards that ultimate job God has prepared for me. It’ll be me leaving a job I love for a job I’ll love even more.

I believe in my heart where I am isn’t a stepping stone, but a cornerstone to build myself so when I take hold of that which I want to be mine, I would be fully prepared for it.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

Carlos Zambrano.

On a side note: Soon to be reviewed! Special thanks to my awesome leaders Aaron&Carol for continually blessing me. Edited: Review done on 12th April 2013.

New Discovery: Best biscuits EVER.

Thinking of: MY NEW HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY, the sacrifices that need to be made from here on out, where the heck to get EVA foam, Craig David’s Walking Away and SINGAPORE in 2 days!!!!!!

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