The Vow. Day 4.

The funniest thing about not having the voice to speak is people sometimes talk back to you in whispers or start using sign language back in conversation and I’m all like,

You can talk normally. Why are you whispering and using sign language? I'm mute, not deaf.

Difficulty arises when all you know is ‘Thank you’ in sign language.

Thank you!

Actually I wasn’t even sure if I was doing it right. For all I know I could be giving people the finger in Italian.

Go *toot* yourself

Well, all in all so far I managed to get more meds, another MC plus get my errands done at the bank without saying a word.

Not to gloat but I also got a lot of sympathy votes from people outside who thought I was literally a handicap who couldn’t talk.

I’m not reticent by nature so this last week has definitely taught me body language and facial expressions plays a big part where lips are unavailable.

Bizarrely this temporary disability made me realize I butt in a lot when people talk. Now that I’m unable to interject my own opinions, I only hear myself in my head screaming out interruptions that no one will ever hear.

My saddest moment would be yesterday when this foreign couple came up to me and asked for directions. Granted, the building they were looking for was across the street from where we were standing but I wish I could have been of more help. I don’t want tourists thinking Malaysians are retarded -.-

Coincidence #1: I turned on the radio today and the first words I hear are, “I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell.”

Coincidence #2: I’ve blogged so much more since I stopped talking.

Side note: I run away because I’m afraid if I wait for you I’ll just get left behind again.

Thinking of: Matchbox Twenty’s Unwell, what the he** was going through his mind displaying himself like that, Jason Mraz’s I won’t give up, it’s so irritating that I can’t pick up the phone and EASTER IN 3 DAYS!!!!

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