Doré Bullion

Before gold is sold on the market, it has to go through a purification process. This process is quite complex and dangerous. It needs to be done under the right circumstances and with the utmost care in safety precautions. It is not recommended to try this process unless you have experience working with harmful chemicals.


When a goldsmith finds gold, it is filled with inherent impurities but he still knows the value of it. He proceeds to set it at a high temperature and under great, daunting pressure. Why? So the impurities can surface. Why? So every corrupt matter can be seen. Why? So that they can be removed. Why?

So you will be left with only what is completely unadulterated.

Lately, I feel the more I desire to change for the better, the more I realize what a faulty product I am. Each time I think I’ve ‘removed’ an impure part of me, another impurity quickly surfaces.

Is this how it will be till the day I die?! Perpetually caught up in a grueling match against my own humanity in order to reach what sometime seems like the unrealistic, idealistic expectations of an elusive, unfathomable creator.

A friend recently asked me, “If being a follower of Christ is so mafan, isn’t it easier just not being a Christian?”

I guess it’s true, when I’m with Him, I am in considerably more danger than usual. After all, it was the boat that Jesus was in that was rocked by the violent storm. But I would rather have Him and a life of danger than not have Him at all. Because it was the boat that Jesus was in that got to see Him tell that very storm to bugger off.

I am flawed, vulgar, uncouth and unrefined.

Luckily, He has a long time to work on me until He calls it a wrap.

…being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus

Philippians 1:6

A life without Him, even an immortal one, would be…empty

Inspired by Sy Rogers

Note to self: If planning to not sleep for a day, make sure to fill up on the most bitter of coffees to stay awake. If not, you will end up having to explain micro-sleeping in church while writing illegibly incoherent sermon notes.

Thinking of: Running a marathon, taking revenge on the stupid birds in SS15 for pooping all over my car, how it was possible I made it through 42 hours of not sleeping, how its getting easier to focus on You now that I can free fall into Your arms and THE AVENGERS!!!!

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