LIFE INTERRUPTED Retreat 2012: Day 2

My physical body is starting to slowly deteriorate in strength but my spirit feels more alive than ever!

Session 1:

When you face trials, when you are tempted, consider it PURE joy. Don’t try to get out of God’s discipline prematurely. Through this your faith’s true colours can be shown. It is more important to live like Christ than to just talk like Christ. Faith without deeds is dead.

This means your attitude towards trials and temptations is a manifestation of faith, but that faith being bottled in words will die. It MUST be unleashed in action. This includes leaving the life of disgusting sin and pursuing the example Christ has left behind for us.

Does that mean words aren’t important? On the contrary, your tongue is a little evil, full of deadly poison. Man has been able to tame every wild creature but the tongue he cannot. With the same tongue we praise God and gossip about our brothers and sisters in Christ who have been made in the image of Christ. The same way salt water and fresh water cannot flow out of the same spring, that same way your words will either reflect God’s work or satan’s work in your life.


The book of James

Okay this time I’m seriously off to the beach for session 2.Will update in a couple of hours.

Session 2:

Okay, first off, doing it at the beach was really not as romantic as I thought it would be. It smelled strongly of horse poop and here’s the thing, not a horse in sight. Then there were plastic and glass bottles and boots and crocs everywhere. Just. Yuck. Plus it was kinda deserted and creepy. However, since I was already there, I trusted God to keep me safe and in 3 seconds shut everything else out to zero-in on what I felt was this session’s focus: Revelation. Literally.

Revelation is the book I understand the least so I was confused when I felt led to read it.

The first few chapters talks about the 7 churches, their commendation and condemnation.

They were commended for:

Not quitting, refusing evil, hard work, anti-antinomianism, boldly spreading the gospel even under political pressure, love, faith, service, persistence and keeping God’s word among others.

What really struck me was what they were condemned for:

Forgetting their first love that is forgetting God as their FIRST priority, putting up with people who use the mercy of God as grounds for salvation assuming God’s Law is no more binding (this parallels with James’s admonition that faith without works is dead), idolatry, self-indulgence, looking busy but not actually getting any of God’s work done and those who are lukewarm, stale and stagnant among others.

They were advised to repent, get up on their feet and run madly after God.


The book of Revelation

Session 3 updates soon.

Session 3:

Jesus approached Joshua to commandeer the army against their enemies. But before He came, the Israelites had to circumcise themselves.

You must circumcise your heart from all things not of God (This parallels to the verse in James that talks about leaving the life of sin). Then only can Jesus take total control. He will lead you, guide you, advise you and watch over you. He will take care of what belongs to Him, our part is to live a life consecrated and holy unto Him.


Joshua 5&6

Session 4:

This is my song in the desert:

God, You have known me before I was born. You have written in Your book everything that has to take place in my life before one of them came to be. I worship You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I will trust in You will all my heart and I shan’t lean on my own understanding. See if there is any offense in me towards You, correct me and lead me into everlasting life.


Psalms 139

Proverbs 3:5

Thinking of: How I can’t believe I’ve made it this far, Brooke Fraser’s Desert Song and the guy in red pants on the beach making me miss my cellgroup.

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