I’ll Get The Strings

See, from what I’ve heard God allowed this to take place. Well, Sumi, don’t let the devil lie to you. When he reminds you of your mistakes, you’ll run to God and He’ll say, ‘What mistakes?’ Because He has already forgotten about them.

Look at what you can learn from this.

Okay, so now you did this. You’ll spend maybe a month or so questioning. Questioning everything. Questioning why it happened. Why did you make those choices. You’ll even question the church, your ministry, your life. You’ll spend a month moping, feeling bad for yourself.

But then that period will be over.

Then you’ll be okay.

Thank you, Pastor Mark.

Pour yourself some wine,

Put on some lipstick,

and pull yourself together

Liz Taylor

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose

Romans 8:28

On a side note: Where can I get one of these?

cute dog

Thinking of: Finding the off button on this tap, rolling up some newspapers and more importantly, getting ready for my date this Saturday with Robert Downey Jr.

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