“Would you get a tattoo?”

I don’t know why so many people are asking me this question recently. Before I answer I’ll just leave a disclaimer here that:

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of whoever thinks they’re important enough to impose their belief system on everyone else.

First off, sigh, does it really matter?

On the one hand, I’m sure if I had my way and no pain receptors no one would recognize my body.

I’d start by tattooing my eyeballs (these are supposedly temporary). Then work my way down.

In the other bush, I do have plenty receptors and a very low threshold for pain. When I go to facials, it feels like a torture chamber and as they scratch out my skin, I want to give them all the information I have my body isn’t mine.

As it was bought at a very high price. I’ve chosen to give my Purchaser first and the last say on what gets permanently etched unto my  temporary skin. That’s my personal choice, I’m entitled to it.

Is it wrong for Christians to have tattoos? What about Christian-themed tattoos?

I think the question isn’t is it permissible but is it beneficial?

I have a friend whose tattoos have started conversations with random strangers in random places opening up the opportunity for him to share his testimony on how God changed his life. That may be something someone in a coat and suit may not have the privilege of.

At the same time many people are averse to body art and having them (or at least in public view) may shut any chance of otherwise open communication.

Having a tattoo doesn’t necessarily make you a rebel just like how wearing a cross doesn’t make you a Christian. Or how wearing a nose ring doesn’t make you an Indian.

Coming back to the question, on a surface level, I personally wouldn’t get one because while it looks appealing to me, I just don’t have a strong enough desire for it. Plus I like body art that I can change frequently so I’m better off with temp tats. My desire could change, I don’t know. It’s between me, God and my tattoo artist.

Here’s a good read on Christians getting tattoos. Honestly, I haven’t decided where I stand on this and the argument seems to be open-ended. Views and opinions can change with age, time and experience so I’m in no position to pass a verdict.

In some cases, however, it seems tattoos can be beneficial.

Yes. Very beneficial. Very beneficial, indeed.

On a side note: UnnecessarilySumie is now dot.com!

Thinking of: Love is an open door.

2 thoughts on “Hakuna-Ma-Tattoos

  1. I thought it was a topless woman because I thought those were boobs… Then I saw the face…

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