Culture Shock

It’s sad in Malaysia we don’t have an adult playground. By adult playground I don’t mean a playground of X-rated toys.

In Adelaide, there’s a place called St. Kilda where the see-saws and slides are in ginormous epic proportions; a playground designed for adults.

Naturally, we went there on our off day from uni and played hide and seek. I found THE  best hiding spot. I won’t tell you where, else I’d have to silence you. Anyway, after a really long time, I got tired of hiding. Leg was all cramped, I was sweating profusely in a hairy, fluffy sweater my mother insisted I wear in summer so I don’t catch a cold. I walk out and see everyone eating their lunches. I was outraged. “Why didn’t any of you come find me or say Game Over or something!”

With their mouths full of food they all laughed and said they each got tired of looking for me in the huge playground and decided to wait me out.

I love my friends. I really do.

Anyway, the point of “Hide-and-Seek” is to not be found, right?

Pastor Banning Liebscher shed some light on this thought. As a father, the protocol of the game had changed for him. When it came to his children, he wanted to be found. So whenever he played hide and seek with his little kids, he’d hide in the most obvious place, like behind the couch and stick his foot out. So when his kids called ‘Ready or not’ they’d turn around and it was impossible to miss their dad.

“Dad, we can see your foot sticking out! You’re like the worst hide-r ever!” They’d scream in frustration.

But Banning wouldn’t care. A father’s heart is this, he always wants to be found by his kids.

God wants to be found by His people. In fact, right now, God is behind a couch, sticking His foot out for Malaysia to find Him.

What a great opportunity, to seek Him out. But more than that, to find Him. That moment, when He’s all you see and you’re totally satisfied with what you’ve found.

I’ve learned a lot from Jesus Culture, that few hours they were here. But it stuck out to me how much God desires us to know Him even as we are known by Him.

On a related note: Really enjoyed J.C. that I wanted to do a cover.

Oh, on and on and on and on it goes, for You overwhelm, You satisfy my soul.

On a side note: Susan Patton, the heck is wrong witchu?

On another side note: T minus 4 days and trying to hold my *bleep* together.

Thinking of: A great revival, JADE on Sunday, that moment you know, yoga, being faithful and keeping my cool.

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