Filmophile: GODZILLA

Spoilers Ahead!


I’ll say this. I never thought I’d be rooting for Godzilla.

This was my face throughout the movie:

You’ll need to pay attention for the 2 hours. Questions will ensue.

Overall, it’s not what I expected. In fact, to me, Godzilla wasn’t really a main character as much as the colossal praying-mantis thingies a.k.a. MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism).

Here’s what I understand from the movie:

In 1999, two pods were discovered in a Philippines quarry in side the skeleton of a large prehistoric animal. One was dormant and the other had hatched out a MUTO and left to the sea. It settled itself beneath a Japanese nuclear power plant because radioactivity is its’ juice. A seismic activity causes the plant to have a meltdown killing nuclear physicists Walter White Bryan Cranston’s wife in the process. 15 years later , he is still obsessed about finding the MUTO cover up and finds out that the seismic activity was part of a mating call between the male and female MUTO who is now no longer dormant because her mate has attended age and both are now finding a strategic radioactive home to shack up.

What we know is Godzilla has been around since 1954 when it was awakened by a deep sea expedition but is shy so doesn’t really show himself much except to U.S. and Japanese marines. In 2014, hears the mating call and comes out of the ocean to seek out the mating MUTO’s.

Then follows the path of destruction between Godzilla, MUTO’s and the humans.

Here’s what I don’t get, help me out here guys:

What was Godzilla’s beef with the MUTO’s? He didn’t eat them so they are not a source of food. Unless the message they’re sending us is ‘God’zilla came to restore balance and peace to the world.

Interesting facts I learned from Godzilla:

1) Godzilla was used in stories in the past as a metaphor for the effects of nuclear power.

2) The MUTO’s had gone into a cryptobiosis or metabolic hibernation state near the earth’s core as the radioactive levels in the atmosphere naturally digressed. But that’s not just some movie plot, as the earth changes there are creatures who go into a hibernation mode until it becomes more livable for them, such as Tardigrades or ‘Water Bears’. Get this, they look like Gummy Bears!


Jo kewt!

I’m not going to rate the movie simply because I don’t feel it’s necessary. Doesn’t really make a difference if you watch it or not. Guess if you like city destruction and big things going at it then by all means 🙂

Also: Is it odd Godzilla has abs?


Thinking of: Godzilla, psychics, hypnosis and a personal statement.

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