Someday I’ll Go South And You To The Waterfalls

Confound it all, once again. That word is starting to make me gag.

It frustrates me. It challenges me. It backs me into a corner and forces me to confront that big, ginormous elephant in the room.

Yes, Dumbo, you are important but for two seconds can we reconsider the other option?

Why is where I want to go not anywhere close to where I need to be?

Commitment starts out strong. It sparks up quick and bright like an emotional firecracker. But before you know it, it threatens to dwindle and then you’re faced with this question:

Why am in this again?

I don’t want to fight elephants. I like elephants. I want to go with the elephants to the waterfalls.

Don’t write cheques with your mouth your spirit isn’t ready to cash. I’ve learnt this, and I’ll tell this to my kids.

I’ve taken a beating but I learnt this; you have so much more to lose if you move from where you promised to stay.

I believe in the sacredness of a promise, that a man’s word should be as good as his bond, that character-not wealth or power or position -is of supreme worth.

John D Rockefeller

Note to self: Just because he’s talking, doesn’t mean I have to listen.

Thanks: Roshie. May we find the beasts that will give us the libraries of our desires.

Thinking of: The Error, bracing myself for more of these fights, starting my puzzle in a couple of hours, burning more things in the room, missing a certain duck and crashing the chatterbox.

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