Wonderlast: Israel Day 7

Freedom of will versus the sovereignty of God. For years people have debated over the line between the two. How can you be pre-destined and also have choice?

Good question.

We are made in the image of God and thus we have an obligation, nay, a responsibility to make choices.

I set before you life and death, choose life.

Around 930 BC, Israel the nation had split into two political divisions; the North and South. At that time King Jeroboam was given authority by God to rule the North.

The King is told that if he would obey God, follow Him and do what is right then all of Israel will be his and God will make his dynasty one that lasts.

What a great promise! You would think this would be plenty motivation to get the King to choose God’s plan, right?


The people in his northern kingdom want to go to Jerusalem (God’s chosen city) in the South to worship God. Fear grips him that if he lets them go south, his subjects would end up pledging their allegiance to the King there so he ends up setting up two golden calves as idols for his people to worship in his own territory. This, of course, pisses God off and Jeroboam’s dynasty that was supposed to endure ends up being burned like trash and his family eaten by vultures and dogs.

Look at what was offered to King Jeroboam if he did what was right. Look at his reward for faithfulness. Yet, out of fear for his own position, He commits a detestable act.

Did God pre-destine King Jeroboam for greatness? Yes, of course! His plans are for good, not evil, to give a hope and future. Multiple scriptures tell us God has our days written out, that He planned our steps from the beginning and that He knew us in our mother’s womb. We were designed for destiny not destruction. But we must choose life. We must choose Him. He will not twist our arms to follow Him but by surrendering and obeying Him we give Him space to move in our decision-making and our ears become attentive to His leading. And He will lead us to life.

He knows the path that got you here and He knows where to direct you next.


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Thinking of: Borders.


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