How to Pray (Part 1/8)

Some of my best and toughest days have been at His feet in prayer. When I was being bullied in school, when my grades were good, when boys broke my heart, looking for a uni, looking for job or looking for a parking space during lunch hour; He has always been present.

God wants you as you are so when you pray just be yourself 🙂

My “Connect with God” series will run for the next 8 days on different topics:

1. Prayer
2. Reading the Bible
3. The Holy Spirit
4. Worship
5. Church
6. Baptism
7. Holy Communion
8. Tithes&Offering

I’m just sharing what I’ve freely learnt so share with your friends and if you have questions do DM, PM me will get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Hope this helps you,

Side note: Ready Player One blew. my. mind.

Thinking of: The future of Virtual Reality

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