As a teenager, I didn’t really understand God. I didn’t understand the depths my journey with Him could take me to. My sister and my mother would sit at the dining table and debate about armageddon and the anti-Christ and the details of prophecies in the Bible and occasionally I would hear his name; Ravi Zacharias.

As a young adult, I had so many questions about abortion, homosexuality, the validity of the Bible and a myriad of other controversies. I would search online and come across a Ravi talk that explained what I was feeling inside.

“Behind every question is a questioner”

He taught me to fall deeper in love with the person of Jesus Christ, that the Word was living and reading me. He would eloquently approach sensitive topics with grace and poise without condemning the person. He addressed controversy without violating the value of the person accusing him. And he always pointed back to the cross. Calvary was his burden.

I was severely impressed when he could quote poetry and sayings off hand. I mean, that was incredible.

He ignited me in my twenties for a passion for apologetics; reasoning God. What was once an oxymoron to me became my devotion.

In 2017 I had the privilege to hear him live in KL during a conference. His voice was gentle enough to soften the hardest heart and loud enough to convict the most distracted ear.

2017-04-01 20.34.44

2018, I signed up at RZIM to get a certificate in foundations for apologetics. His classes taught me to always listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Don’t go into a conversation wanting to convert people and justify what you believe in or condemn what they believe in, instead, listen to the seeker.  He opened my eyes to view the world how God would; people seeking Him for answers.

In 2019, I got my first job from RZIM to do a video of one of their speakers. I never thought in my wildest dreams I could ever be able to contribute back to RZIM but am so grateful and thankful for that door.

This year, 2020, he was supposed to come speak in Malaysia, but a few weeks ago his diagnosis became public and crushed us all. We just wanted him to get better.

30 minutes ago, my mother calls me up and tells me the news.

He loved Jesus. That’s all I can say. And it’s hard to feel sorry for him because he’s run to the arms of Jesus, where he was longing for. He’s resting in a place his back won’t hurt him anymore and the Saviour he lovingly declared daily to the masses is now right in front of him.

Ravi, sir, I know you don’t read my blog, but I’ll miss you. Thank you for all your years for the Lord. You were such a big part of my journey to know God and one of my best teachers in the Word. You were a giant to be contended with and you never backed down from pointing the seeker to the Lord. Now, I, along with thousands others, get to stand on your shoulders and carry on your work. I won’t let you down. Much love.

Thinking of: How Great Thou Art and I, Isaac, take thee, Rebekkah.


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