No Touchy!

Fun Sumie Fact:  Between the ages 11-18, I hated people touching me. This in fact got my mother genuinely worried as to the question of me procreating to give her grandchildren. In International Marketing III, I learned about this concept called The Circle of Proxemics. It basically tells you how everyone reacts differently to physical [...]

Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Room

No matter how filthy something gets, you can always clean it right up. God. Bruce Almighty. Studies show that creative people have a tendency to be messy. Guess I'm really creative then. Cleaning the house thoroughly and regularly is a healthy regiment. I don't know if I'm any different now but Between puberty and graduating from [...]

I Kissed a Vampire and I Liked it.

Interesting Fact: I have never owned any item of body wear that had a picture of a skull because I feared being possessed by it. Until the 27th of October 2011. A couple of months ago, I blogged about a girl that sprang forth a debate of 'Secular versus spiritual, is balance really not an option?'. [...]

The Vow. Day 6.

Must... talk... to... someone... Social skills... Slowly... Retarding.... Losing... ability... to... communicate... effectively...   Side Note: CHCKL's CHROME HEART: REVELATION was fantastic. Seriously, like people-flying-across-the-auditorium-creepy-man-spiders fantastic. Thinking of: The Road to El Dorado, Brandon Heath's Your Love, going to Atlantica and EASTER TOMORROW!!!!

Why do birds fall down from the sky every time you walk by?

Today was HGC's 5th anniversary dinner. It was definitely a memorable day for me. Not just because I was part of a mind0blowing performance but because I was reminded how God was so gracious to me and blessed me with such a great church. 9 months ago going to church for me was a dreadful [...]

Here, hold my cleaver while I shave my chest hair.

DISCLAIMER: If you don't like Justin Bieber, PLEASE do not read further. I've never been to a concert before because 1) my very Asian parents would never let me go until I finished my studies. 2) it was always too expensive 3) I never liked a band/celebrity enough to want to see them perform live. [...]