Align 2019

Align 2019

I chose to do this #paintbynumbers painting because flamingoes remind me of balance even though they look naturally like the kind of animal to tip over very quickly given their skinny legs and fluffy tops 🤚 #noshame It gives me the feeling that even in chaos, I can still find my centre as long as it is built upon [...]

You Suck

You Suck

Sitting on that floor watching them play basketball, I was distracted between the heat, the danger of getting hit in the face and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Ahh, mosquitoes. The insect version of Edward Cullen minus the glitter and mormonism. Wai u here? Is there a good reason you exist tho? Besides helping in [...]

Past Motion

The Lord is my Helper, whom shall I fear? What can man do to me?  I trust You with my life. His banner over me is love, His loooveeeee. On a side note: My Horlicks Ad! Can you see me?? I'm the one in the purple working shirt! Minute 0:04! Can you see me now?! [...]

Because Natural is Too Mainstream

The greatest challenge in your walk as a Christian isn't the obstacles you'll face, it's not the attack of the enemy. No, the greatest challenge in your walk is to trust God's strategy. Ps Clarance Shashi.  For every problem there is a natural solution. The one that makes the most sense. They're the ones that [...]

My Curls Don’t Determine My Psychological Problems

There was that day I wanted to cheat, that day I wanted to steal, that day I wanted to do whatever it takes to get that promotion. That was the day You reminded me You don't allow Your children to cut corners. When the pressures are escalating, the lack of popularity is robbing my confidence [...]

You Suck.

I guess the best way to ease out of isolation is to be close to God's creation. Like having about 500 little fishies suck on your feet. First thought: This reminds me morbidly of Piranha 3D Second thought: Man, how neglected are my feet?! Sigh. I love nature. Note to self: When ordering Italian for [...]