Thank you guys for supporting me on instagram through the INKTOBER ordeal. Was glad I did it, am happy it's over. #getcreative The artwork are all uploaded on this blog: Thinking of: How I have newfound respect for artists that draw and ink for a living and this unfamiliar ache in the pit of my stomach.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

The melanin in my skin Says which rank I'm in Too dark for the fair boy Whose parents wants a fair toy Too dark for the definition of pretty I must be fair not just witty Chocolate, Mocha, soya bean, black Shades of brown from my front to my back They are scrutinized and graded [...]


"Would you get a tattoo?" I don't know why so many people are asking me this question recently. Before I answer I'll just leave a disclaimer here that: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of whoever thinks they're important enough to impose [...]