Flight Risk

Flight Risk

In a world, there are the earth spirits and then there are the sky spirits. Earth spirits rely on the stability of the ground and spirits of the sky have this incessant need to wander off. One rarely understands the other and thus for centuries these spirits have been at war. For one that is [...]

Artisan: DIY Stamps

Yes, I mean to say wonder not wander. Stop correcting me. Recently I feel a new flow of creativity in different areas as I allow myself to get in touch with the very likeness of my, well, Creator. These things I've tried out are not perfect, but it teaches me that one of God's gift [...]

Artisan: HandyCam Pouch

So my old handy cam bag was falling apart and a very good sewer/sower/alterationist/seamstress friend of mine very graciously offered to teach me how to make a new pouch for Handy. Step 1: Buy the cloth for the outside, inside, zipper, handle and cotton batting. And a button. Just for funsies. I spent about RM62.80 [...]

Fifty Times The Overdose

Every 40 seconds someone in the world commits suicide. Humans have a natural fight to live. For some, they live like every minute counts. For others, you wait till it's threatened. We are facing the level of stress and pressure that mental patients used to breakdown from in the 1950's. Why is it that suicide, [...]