Bookworm Review: 10 ‘Impact’ Books

Bookworm Review: 10 ‘Impact’ Books

Developing a reading culture is not about trend but content. It's not about reading what everyone's reading, it's about soaking and sinking into a world that captures your mind and leaves you full afterwards. I got tagged on Facebook sometime ago to state 10 books that have made the biggest impact on my life. These are not [...]

Tears Of A Spoilt Brat

There's a joke that the Chinese ideogram for 'peace' is a woman under one roof (安), and the ideogram for 'trouble' is two women under one roof. There once lived a man with two wives. One wife was barren while his second wife gave him many sons and daughters. The first wife, whose name was [...]

I’d Gladly Drink Your Spit

First off, who is this handsome man? Is he for real? Secondly, I'm not the Gryffindor I thought I was. I guess I'm more social than I am brave. *shrugs* So ever since I came home from my 'wilderness', things have been spiraling towards a direction I did not forsee. You'd think after spending alone time with [...]