I know the point of prayer is not to have them answered, but I'd be lying if a big part of me didn't wish faith was the substance of things come true and the evidence of things materialised. Especially when it is justified to live for Christ. Right? Especially when living means his daughter would have a father? His wife would have a husband? Are we not taught to pray expecting? To ask and these things will be given to us? Healing is a good thing, yea?

You A-sian not B-sian

You A-sian not B-sian

A couple of days ago a young girl took her own life because she got two B's for her O Level examination. How much did she feel like a failure that she couldn't see beyond high school? Growing up in an Asian culture, I've seen the effects on such expectation and pressure to get "All [...]

The Ground Began To Shake

A chicken and a pig were talking. The chicken says, "Hey! We should totally open a restaurant!" To which the pig replies, "Totally! What should we name it?". "Ham and eggs" says the chicken. The excitement falls from the pig's face and he declines the idea of the restaurant altogether. "Why not?" whines the chicken. "Because [...]

Tears Of A Spoilt Brat

There's a joke that the Chinese ideogram for 'peace' is a woman under one roof (安), and the ideogram for 'trouble' is two women under one roof. There once lived a man with two wives. One wife was barren while his second wife gave him many sons and daughters. The first wife, whose name was [...]

Democracy Starts With Me

This is just my first year voting. Many have fought tirelessly for years. How many elections did they see unfruitful? How many times have our true leaders suffered at the hands of the corrupt? Going to jail, beaten, framed, murdered... All so we can be aware. Revolution is not a battle overnight won. I went [...]

Rumour Has It

Okay I have the most delicious piece of news. Did you hear? Someone close to me did something scandalously juicy and now everything within me seems to brim over with the desire to spill the beans to a close friend on the person without stopping for a second to think that gossiping tears friendships apart. [...]

My Curls Don’t Determine My Psychological Problems

There was that day I wanted to cheat, that day I wanted to steal, that day I wanted to do whatever it takes to get that promotion. That was the day You reminded me You don't allow Your children to cut corners. When the pressures are escalating, the lack of popularity is robbing my confidence [...]

Managing Clouds and Cupcakes

You never know what's going to upset a cloud. They're very sensitive. Winnie the Pooh. Cloud Cloud Go Away. There's this episode in Winnie the Pooh where Tigger upsets a cloud. The cloud kept following him for a good 8 minutes. Every time he said something mean about the cloud, it would first start drizzling [...]

Obstacle Illusion

Interesting Fact: Screensavers are computer programs initially invented to protect computer monitors from phosphorous burn-ins. Screensavers are coded to display only in one instance; when the computer is idle. The executable file interfaces indirectly with the operating system and causes the overlay to the current physical display with an animated image or a blanked screen. Simply [...]