Chéf Su: LEGO Cake

I basically followed Nerdy Nummies' recipe. Bake a cake, frost it the lego colour you want, dip marshmallows in the coloured frosting and place it on the top. It should look like this. Well, actually this is how wrong it went. But I prayed for help, and Jesus helped me make it better. Yay! Success! [...]

Road Trip: Muar

So... much... food... I've never eaten 7 hours straight before. This was a first... It all started on the 19th of January at 11:30 AM... Menu: 1) steamed rice cake (chui ke) @ Jalan Yahya near Kang Ping Koptiam  ✓✓✓✓✓ 2) Mee Bandung Abu Bakar Hanipah and Satay @ Wah San Kopitiam  ✓ 3) Friend Kuey [...]

Road Trip: Ipoh

I was supposed to blog about my first Malaysian inter-state road trip as I was on it but, yeah... Procrastination is the enemy. Plus I didn't take ANY pictures except for two so unfortunately all the pictures you see are from some other site where the blogger was dedicated enough to remember to bring her [...]