Plants Versus Sumi Walkthrough

Plants Versus Sumi Walkthrough

I…don’t have the best history with plant, meaning they usually die in my hands fairly quickly. It didn’t matter what methods I tried, and I wanted to keep them alive, but they chased after the soil more than my affections. I never gave up though, because I like plants, yes, I know, the irony isn't [...]

Ode to Robin (1951-2014): He’s Got Everything

Dear Sir,I hugged my pillow hard while I watched "RV" in the darkness of my bedroom. You always played the part of a family man well. I remember how in Mrs. Doubtfire you became an old maid just to be close to your kids. Sure, it was just film. Sure, there were prolly better ways [...]

HIMYM Finalé

I promised myself I wouldn't do this. But here I am. I've had a Love/Hate relationship with the HIMYM series and after the finalé I'm with the other fans screaming I want the last 9 years of my life back. I'm ashamed to admit the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth for the [...]