Keep Calm and Walk On Water.

Something I heard at cell a few weeks ago really stuck to me. I've always known it, but it only really sunk in today; Peter was the one and only man, to walk on stormy waters. I'm not ignorant of what I'm going through. I'm aware that I'm not taking this whole growing up thing [...]

I Will Die For Her

I was watching this online sermon by Pastor Robert Morris during the Planet Shaker's conference and I have to say, I have gained some insight. When God made something, He spoke to what He wanted it to come from, to be sustained by and to return to. Robert Morris For example, in Genesis 1:11, God [...]

Because Natural is Too Mainstream

The greatest challenge in your walk as a Christian isn't the obstacles you'll face, it's not the attack of the enemy. No, the greatest challenge in your walk is to trust God's strategy. Ps Clarance Shashi.  For every problem there is a natural solution. The one that makes the most sense. They're the ones that [...]

Ootoka: Story of a Murderer

When Heath Ledger died, there was the idea being passed around that the last character he played before his death, the Joker, killed him. Not literally, of course. But psychologically. He couldn’t seem to disengage; the inexactness bothered him. The Rolling Stones On set he would be so baptized in the role of a 'psychopathic, [...]

Obstacle Illusion

Interesting Fact: Screensavers are computer programs initially invented to protect computer monitors from phosphorous burn-ins. Screensavers are coded to display only in one instance; when the computer is idle. The executable file interfaces indirectly with the operating system and causes the overlay to the current physical display with an animated image or a blanked screen. Simply [...]

Fulcrum of Resistance

Fulcrum. A point of support on which a lever pivots.   Who is your fulcrum? Who directs you to the right path when you're twisting off-course? Who watches over you? The LORD says, "I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you. Psalms 32:8 Lord, [...]