HIMYM Finalé

I promised myself I wouldn't do this. But here I am. I've had a Love/Hate relationship with the HIMYM series and after the finalé I'm with the other fans screaming I want the last 9 years of my life back. I'm ashamed to admit the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth for the [...]

My Heart’s Keeper: I Will, I Do

To My Heart's Keeper, When darkness shadows my door, And panic threatens my entire being, The One who stands strong for me holds me close and says 'Shh, I'm here, you don't need to be afraid anymore' The ugliest nails imprint Your loving palms, It's in these hole-y hands, I have found that I am [...]

Vagabond: Brooks

I wouldn't spend RM400 on a shoe. But I needed a new pair because my old ones were starting to give way. Okay, fine, they did give way. This just means I'm running too much, I'm running wrong , my legs are crooked, or them Bata shoes suck. In any case, I had an RM120 [...]

No Touchy!

Fun Sumie Fact:  Between the ages 11-18, I hated people touching me. This in fact got my mother genuinely worried as to the question of me procreating to give her grandchildren. In International Marketing III, I learned about this concept called The Circle of Proxemics. It basically tells you how everyone reacts differently to physical [...]