You A-sian not B-sian

You A-sian not B-sian

A couple of days ago a young girl took her own life because she got two B's for her O Level examination. How much did she feel like a failure that she couldn't see beyond high school? Growing up in an Asian culture, I've seen the effects on such expectation and pressure to get "All [...]

Back It Up

The Sunday before the wedding. Sumi: Hey Auds! I'll be sending you the pre-wedding video latest by Wednesday night or Thursday morning. If you're okay with it then I'll pass the video to the media guy to be shown at the wedding on Saturday. Audrey: Sound good 🙂 Thanks Sumi. Wednesday, 10 PM Sumi: This [...]

The Ground Began To Shake

A chicken and a pig were talking. The chicken says, "Hey! We should totally open a restaurant!" To which the pig replies, "Totally! What should we name it?". "Ham and eggs" says the chicken. The excitement falls from the pig's face and he declines the idea of the restaurant altogether. "Why not?" whines the chicken. "Because [...]

JADE 2014

1jade noun \ˈjād\ : an adulteress When I first wrote this drama in November 2013, I wanted it to be a story that would speak of God's love and forgiveness for His children. After all, isn't that what Easter is about? For God so loved the world. 5 months later, He is still challenging me to continually trust [...]

Officially Missing You

A couple of days ago, MH370 disappeared mid-flight into thin air. Experts are baffled. In a world where you can track anything from your car to your phone; How do you lose a plane? And so the finger-pointing and speculation begins; conspiracy theories, incompetent pilots, cover-ups, terrorist groups, fuselage flaws, mechanical/technical fault, an act of [...]