You A-sian not B-sian

You A-sian not B-sian

A couple of days ago a young girl took her own life because she got two B's for her O Level examination. How much did she feel like a failure that she couldn't see beyond high school? Growing up in an Asian culture, I've seen the effects on such expectation and pressure to get "All [...]

Artisan: JIGSAW | Dream Theatre

I think the greatest worry in dreaming is whether this is really what we were made to do. The fear that I might end up doing something that is a complete waste of my potential often paralyses me mid-decision making. That's all changing. I don't know if I'm where I'm supposed to be but I am assured [...]

Just A Floating Peanut.

In sports there's a common metaphor of "Hitting the sweet spot". That moment you make the perfect swing achieving the best result. Perfection. When you watch someone excellent at what they do, it inspires us to be harder, better, faster, stronger, never over. While there are those whose hearts are set from day one, their paths carved [...]