Done is Better Than Perfect

The reality keeps growing. That I feel overwhelmed. I feel stupid. Useless. Inadequate. Incompetent. I feel like a complete failure. A failure in my work. In my finances. In my mind. In my emotions. With my parents. With my God. With men. With friends.  Disappointed with myself. Right now, I feel like a failure in [...]

Tears For Food, Sorrow For Water

If you want to know the true nature of a person, turn the heat up. Dr Neal Patterson Parental Discretion Advised. I've been in a funk. I don't know if anyone else has noticed. The reason for it, doesn't matter. Because dwelling on things I cannot change has proved superfluous. What matters more than anything, [...]

Keep Calm and Walk On Water.

Something I heard at cell a few weeks ago really stuck to me. I've always known it, but it only really sunk in today; Peter was the one and only man, to walk on stormy waters. I'm not ignorant of what I'm going through. I'm aware that I'm not taking this whole growing up thing [...]

Tears Of A Spoilt Brat

There's a joke that the Chinese ideogram for 'peace' is a woman under one roof (安), and the ideogram for 'trouble' is two women under one roof. There once lived a man with two wives. One wife was barren while his second wife gave him many sons and daughters. The first wife, whose name was [...]

Democracy Starts With Me

This is just my first year voting. Many have fought tirelessly for years. How many elections did they see unfruitful? How many times have our true leaders suffered at the hands of the corrupt? Going to jail, beaten, framed, murdered... All so we can be aware. Revolution is not a battle overnight won. I went [...]

The Quick Brown Fox

I want the answer. I want the answer to the why's. I want the answers to the how's. But it looks like I'm getting neither. There's a story about Israeli slaves kidnapped from their families forced to work in the rural turquoise mines between Egypt and Mount Sinai. The slaves were beaten and tortured and [...]