Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Many times we'll find ourselves perched on the branch of discouragement. A spoon on which even honey doesn't taste sweet. The sadness of that can be overwhelming in our spirit. To those in that pit, Jesus has these words of comfort; “Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in Me. My Father’s house [...]

Resurrection Sunday and The Rock for president.

If there's anything Christ has taught me, it's that we don't live for ourselves. In us rests the potential and ability to impact the world. That ability is only stimulated when selfishness dies. Ironically I have spent a lot more time redefining my 'SELF' than I have in defining my love for others. You can't [...]

Imitation Games

Imitation Games

  I have this hobby of imitating dances that I like. It's mostly for likes and popularity entertainment  and health. It's easy to imitate someone on the outside, it's harder to imitate who they are on the inside. While I'm sure there are those in this individualistic-driven economy who would disagree with me (leave it [...]

Spit On Me

Spit On Me

I recently wanted to get LASIK for my eyes because the ophthalmologist told me contact lenses were making my eyes dry. But when I went to the clinic I was rejected for the procedure because my corneas were not thick enough. HOWEVER, there is another procedure, ICL, where they insert "corrective lenses" into your eyes. Besides putting the [...]

Tears For Food, Sorrow For Water

If you want to know the true nature of a person, turn the heat up. Dr Neal Patterson Parental Discretion Advised. I've been in a funk. I don't know if anyone else has noticed. The reason for it, doesn't matter. Because dwelling on things I cannot change has proved superfluous. What matters more than anything, [...]

Keep Calm and Walk On Water.

Something I heard at cell a few weeks ago really stuck to me. I've always known it, but it only really sunk in today; Peter was the one and only man, to walk on stormy waters. I'm not ignorant of what I'm going through. I'm aware that I'm not taking this whole growing up thing [...]