Did you know? Eating chocolate helps prevent tooth decay. Receiving gifts isn't at the top of my love languages list, but I felt hot euphoric liquid seep through my bloodstream when I received this bar of chocolate. I think I over think giving gifts. Sometimes it can be simple and sweet. Just letting the other person know you're worth [...]

The Vow. Day 6.

Must... talk... to... someone... Social skills... Slowly... Retarding.... Losing... ability... to... communicate... effectively...   Side Note: CHCKL's CHROME HEART: REVELATION was fantastic. Seriously, like people-flying-across-the-auditorium-creepy-man-spiders fantastic. Thinking of: The Road to El Dorado, Brandon Heath's Your Love, going to Atlantica and EASTER TOMORROW!!!!

The Vow. Good Friday.

It occurs to me that all the contorted theories about Jesus that have been spontaneously generating since the day of his death merely confirm the awesome risk God took when He stretched himself out on the dissection table—a risk He seemed to welcome. Examine Me. Test Me. You decide. Extract from The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip [...]

I Have This Sinking Feeling.

It’s very important to understand that in any rescue operation, the rescuer gets to determine means and method of the rescue. You don’t get to determine how you are saved. It’s not up to you; it’s up to your Savior. Jesus doesn’t say he’s a good way, or a nice way, or even the best [...]