Pomegranates & Figs

Pomegranates & Figs

It never really looks like what we think it would. Our answered prayers, I mean. Under-qualified, under-staffed and under maintenance. That's how the Israelites scouted the promised land. Sure, it was destined to be theirs but, oh, dang, the amount of work it would take. Sure, there were pomegranates and figs ripe for the picking; [...]

HIMYM Finalé

I promised myself I wouldn't do this. But here I am. I've had a Love/Hate relationship with the HIMYM series and after the finalé I'm with the other fans screaming I want the last 9 years of my life back. I'm ashamed to admit the ending left a bitter taste in my mouth for the [...]


"Would you get a tattoo?" I don't know why so many people are asking me this question recently. Before I answer I'll just leave a disclaimer here that: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of whoever thinks they're important enough to impose [...]

Once A Stripper, Always A Stripper

I was at class today and one of the girls was singing the theme song from the a certain movie. I remembered something my brother told me, the main actress from that movie used to be a porn star. Now I found that like just 2 minutes ago, that that isn't in fact true, but even though I [...]

Rumour Has It

Okay I have the most delicious piece of news. Did you hear? Someone close to me did something scandalously juicy and now everything within me seems to brim over with the desire to spill the beans to a close friend on the person without stopping for a second to think that gossiping tears friendships apart. [...]

Unlimited Quota

For the longest time I couldn't understand the difference between Assets and Expenses. Or any accounting concept for that matter. But I had the most patient Accounting tutor in the world who would gently give me an explanation, even if every week I asked him the same question. Granted, his patience didn't stop me from feeling like [...]

I’m Sorry.

Olympic athletes have to train every day and night for that gold medal. Michael Phelps was in the pool training every single day. Whether he was sick, whether it was winter, whether it was a public holiday, he was in the pool. But in the Olympics no matter how hard you train, there can only [...]

Now and Then I Think of All The Times You Screwed Me Over

My mother firmly believes I have a flaw that even Jesus can't rectify: I place too much trust in friends. Even after they screw me over. Kinda like a dog going back to it's vomit. When I was in Primary 1, there were these two girls in my class who, for convenience sake, we'll call Stickinbutt. They would [...]