The Ripple Effect

Remember that scene in Robots where Bigweld seems to have died but was actually building a massive domino? That was a beautiful scene.It's amazing how one person's decision can affect so many lives.You've heard it said, 'Kill a fly in the past and it could alter the course of our future.'Yet can we choose to [...]

I’ll Get The Strings

See, from what I've heard God allowed this to take place. Well, Sumi, don't let the devil lie to you. When he reminds you of your mistakes, you'll run to God and He'll say, 'What mistakes?' Because He has already forgotten about them. Look at what you can learn from this. Okay, so now you [...]

Finding Nemo and Fault

Disclaimer: There's a mini review in this post about G.I.Joe: Retaliation so be forewarned. Last Sunday I watched G.I.Joe: Retaliation with a bunch of critics friends. I liked it. I really did. Honest to God, this was me during each scene. I liked EVERYTHING about it. Maybe because the only expectations I had were that [...]