I’d Gladly Drink Your Spit

First off, who is this handsome man? Is he for real? Secondly, I'm not the Gryffindor I thought I was. I guess I'm more social than I am brave. *shrugs* So ever since I came home from my 'wilderness', things have been spiraling towards a direction I did not forsee. You'd think after spending alone time with [...]

Corn, Fish, Snow and Dandruff.

Have you ever made plans with someone only to spend the better half of your time thinking up excuses to cancel those plans? If you suffer from this disease, you're known as a Flake. In Malaysia people label you as an FFK(Fong Fei Kei)-er. It simply means people who earn a reputation as someone who makes [...]

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification. Delivery to the following recipients failed: God. Today I imagined opening my postbox, only to see a 'Return to Sender' stamped across the letter I addressed to You; a letter in which I described in detail the things I hoped for. It sucks; not having prayers answered. [...]