Single during Chinese New Year

Many single people of a marriageable age during Chinese New Year this year will have encountered at least one person asking them to ‘Hurry up, find someone and get married’ so they can… Continue reading

Some Time Ago Today – 27 JANUARY

Procrastinating from work as usual. I bumped into 27 January 2016 4:21PM. It was just sitting around, waiting to remind me of His goodness in the last year, His kindness and His infinite… Continue reading

Switching Channels

Disclaimer: If you’re the kind that gets along well with leadership/authority then skip along this post. The biggest challenge in leadership isn’t in listening to authority, but listening to authority when you don’t… Continue reading

Skies Have to Be Blue.

We’re told a lot about focus and how having it is core to creating, innovating and growing in our particular art. But what our well-intentioned motivators leave out is what exactly to focus… Continue reading


Yes, I got to be a part of Urban Dance Camp 2016 and, well, it was a mind-blowing two weeks. I’ve been watching those yellow walls through Youtube for years and to finally… Continue reading

Flight Risk

In a world, there are the earth spirits and then there are the sky spirits. Earth spirits rely on the stability of the ground and spirits of the sky have this incessant need… Continue reading

Come On Up

One of the greatest gifts we have is being able to say ‘thank you’ freely for the life so freely given to us. It was one of those days that started great but… Continue reading

We Are Not Animals

My mother used to tell me, “Sumi, God gave you two ears and one mouth so you would listen twice as much as you speak.” Frankly, she still tells me that. You know… Continue reading

Resurrection Sunday and The Rock for president.

If there’s anything Christ has taught me, it’s that we don’t live for ourselves. In us rests the potential and ability to impact the world. That ability is only stimulated when selfishness dies.… Continue reading

Get It Done

Decided to update my vision board for 2016. Notice the difference. This is me 2014 And me today. It’s true then, age makes you more cynical and blunt. Thinking of: Maya