2015: Shake it off.

6 days have passed since 2015 came forth in an array of illegal fireworks. 6 days and only now I’m finally sitting down to pen out my thoughts of the year that has… Continue reading

BookWorm: In His Image

Pain is important. We always want to be recognized when we suffer in pain. Many times we instinctively accuse God of not knowing our pain but looking on Jesus, we know God took on… Continue reading

Throw Me A Lifeline

Having a sister who has walked away from the faith has left me with a lot of questions. Most of them start with ‘Why’. Especially since that sister was in the past a… Continue reading

Filmophile: Big Hero 6

SPOILERS AHEAD! I’m so excited to review this movie that the moment I stepped home from the 9:45pm movie that got me home at 12:19am I didn’t even go to the bathroom I… Continue reading

Number 11

I joined the BERJAYA Film Competition in September this year and the results just came out. We didn’t make it to the Top 10. I actually don’t know where our ranking is in the competition. I… Continue reading

Bookworm Review: 10 ‘Impact’ Books

Developing a reading culture is not about trend but content. It’s not about reading what everyone’s reading, it’s about soaking and sinking into a world that captures your mind and leaves you full… Continue reading

Filmophile: 3 Idiots

  *clap*clap*clap* Yes. So good.   I was utterly impressed. This movie has been recommended to me for a long time but I had no interest in it until my mum started the… Continue reading

Goodbye Seems To Be The Most Common Word

I said a few goodbyes this week. The first goodbye was for my little cousin as she flew off to further her studies. Well, she’s not so little anymore but she’ll always be… Continue reading

Someday I’ll Go South And You To The Waterfalls

Confound it all, once again. That word is starting to make me gag. It frustrates me. It challenges me. It backs me into a corner and forces me to confront that big, ginormous… Continue reading

The Number 26

I usually save the best for last but this can’t wait. Best part of my birthday: Father-Daughter Selfie Level 1000 Yes, that monopod belongs to my dad. Yes, he is that much more… Continue reading