You Suck

Sitting on that floor watching them play basketball, I was distracted between the heat, the danger of getting hit in the face and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Ahh, mosquitoes. The insect version… Continue reading

Chemical Castration

I’ve been putting this post off for a few months now but as seeing as this is a public holiday, I’ve got some time to share my thoughts on Alan Turing. Honestly, before… Continue reading

Littabita Humble Littabitta Cautious

It’s December already *whines* where did my 2015 go? This is the time we do the spring cleaning, the charity, the Christmas shopping and we try to finish up the resolutions before January… Continue reading

BookWorm: Crash the Chatterbox

Yes, I have doubts. About myself, my looks, my career, my talents, my ministry, my relationships and lack thereof. I constantly accuse God ask myself if I even have what it takes to do… Continue reading

Give it to Me I’m Worth It

You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in Your bottle. You have recorded each one in Your book. Psalm 56:8 Why God does this, I’m not sure.… Continue reading

Imitation Games

  I have this hobby of imitating dances that I like. It’s mostly for likes and popularity entertainment  and health. It’s easy to imitate someone on the outside, it’s harder to imitate who… Continue reading

BookWorm: Have A Little Faith

“Will you do my eulogy?” It doesn’t matter what faith you practice, or if you have any faith at all, when it comes to death we’re all uncertain what’s on the other side… Continue reading

Keep It Alive

Current Issues

Last Friday I attended ASCEND, the World Youth Prayer Assembly and a group of people representing 20 over churches came together to pray for our nation and for the younger generation. At some point we prayed… Continue reading

You A-sian not B-sian

A couple of days ago a young girl took her own life because she got two B’s for her O Level examination. How much did she feel like a failure that she couldn’t… Continue reading