Now and Then I Think of All The Times You Screwed Me Over

My mother firmly believes I have a flaw that even Jesus can't rectify: I place too much trust in friends. Even after they screw me over. Kinda like a dog going back to it's vomit. When I was in Primary 1, there were these two girls in my class who, for convenience sake, we'll call Stickinbutt. They would [...]

Ootoka: Story of a Murderer

When Heath Ledger died, there was the idea being passed around that the last character he played before his death, the Joker, killed him. Not literally, of course. But psychologically. He couldn’t seem to disengage; the inexactness bothered him. The Rolling Stones On set he would be so baptized in the role of a 'psychopathic, [...]

Obstacle Illusion

Interesting Fact: Screensavers are computer programs initially invented to protect computer monitors from phosphorous burn-ins. Screensavers are coded to display only in one instance; when the computer is idle. The executable file interfaces indirectly with the operating system and causes the overlay to the current physical display with an animated image or a blanked screen. Simply [...]

No Touchy!

Fun Sumie Fact:  Between the ages 11-18, I hated people touching me. This in fact got my mother genuinely worried as to the question of me procreating to give her grandchildren. In International Marketing III, I learned about this concept called The Circle of Proxemics. It basically tells you how everyone reacts differently to physical [...]