I knew a man who once described Malaysia this way; “Malaysia is like the kid who was born rich, talented and good looking but is too lazy and corrupt to maximize his potential.”… Continue reading

WonderLast: Sydney. Day 4 & AHCC.

I’m reminded I was in Sydney because I was thirsty, and they said there was a river there. Our faith is unlike any other. It is important then to be thankful for the… Continue reading

WonderLast: Sydney. Day 3.

God is fighting for us, Pushing back the darkness Lighting up a kingdom That cannot be shaken In the name of Jesus Enemy defeated And we will shout it out Shout it out… Continue reading

WonderLast. Sydney. Day 2.

Day 2 of Presence Conference has blown my mind. Every speaker has revealed an aspect of God’s love that I never saw before. Rev. Samuel Rodriguez When light stands next to darkness, light… Continue reading

WonderLast: Sydney. Day 1.

It’s 4am. It’s been a long, tiring day all I wanted was sleep. I tossed and turned as the baby screamed bloody murder. The man on my left was blocking my way to… Continue reading

Live for the Love of the Likes

Working in an industry where how many “likes” you get has more weight than the actual content of the social media post, it’s easy to get caught up in the “likes” forgetting the… Continue reading

Q&A Sesh

1. Name an obsession that you can’t seem to stop or get rid of I have an obsession I can’t seem to stop or get rid of but I can’t write it out… Continue reading

Artisan: JIGSAW | Dream Theatre

I think the greatest worry in dreaming is whether this is really what we were made to do. The fear that I might end up doing something that is a complete waste of… Continue reading

2015 Resolutions and the Letter 2

This year I’d like to become more active with what I love to do. I resolve to not push aside my hobbies. Not to get more subscribers but to one day look back on… Continue reading

2015: Shake it off.

6 days have passed since 2015 came forth in an array of illegal fireworks. 6 days and only now I’m finally sitting down to pen out my thoughts of the year that has… Continue reading