Vortex Affect.

An advanced pilot has to be instrument-rated. That basically means he's certified to fly a plane under severe weather conditions and that he's well-versed with the flight manual. During this training pilots will have to undergo some form of flight simulation. They're tossed around and made to go through expected and unexpected weather conditions including [...]

Down and Back in Less Than 16

It's almost 2 in the morning. I'm sick. I have work tomorrow. But I can't sleep. Note to self: DO NOT drink tea after 7 PM. It's kismet that my voice has left me the day my fingers have a lust for this keyboard. I just want to type. Type and type until my frustrations bleed [...]

I would kiss you, but then I’d have to leave you.

The Lord keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are loyal to him.  2 Chronicles 16:9 God is looking for a loyal generation. As He advanced closer towards the cross, Jesus withdrew further from the large demanding crowds and devoted more time with His disciples. It was during [...]