Celebrate the Small Parts

Growing up in a Christian Asian culture it is often non-verbally expressed (for some, pressured) that excellence, or rather, the pursuit of it, is a pretty high priority. Errybody wants to bring honour to us all.… Continue reading

Fully Settled

Walked into the Celcom store because I’d had enough with Maxis and found out I couldn’t sign up to any new telcos as I was blacklisted from U mobile. So, as someone who hates… Continue reading


When you open the Bible, the first instance you read recorded of sin on earth is when Eve took a bite out of the forbidden fruit. She had uncontrolled and un-submitted appetites before… Continue reading

Get Over It

It’s possible to get out of a relationship without getting over it. To move into the future without getting over the past. Every new season in life requires a new mindset. A new… Continue reading

Car Kidnapping – What To Do?

With all kinds of taxi drivers and transportation apps available, here are some tips should you come upon an unsavoury driver taking you places against your will. IMPORTANT: Alert family (or friends) of… Continue reading

Christian Nazi

She is making me hate Christianity. Why can’t she respect my stand? Does your religion teach you to bully and shove your beliefs down someone’s throat?   This can be uncomfortably hard to swallow. Christians, in their attempt… Continue reading

Leave the Door Open

Festivals remind us. Stories passed down through celebration. God gave us festivals to celebrate as gifts; as reminders of His unfailing love and ever-present thoughts towards fulfilling His promises to us. Easter reminds… Continue reading

Meet Me in the Middle

Good Friday? The Cross. Resurrection Sunday- well, the resurrection. Today I remember the Middle. Saturday. When you took the keys from hades and conquered death once and for all. What was hidden from… Continue reading

A Good Day to Die Hard

Isn’t it funny, the cross when it was created by the Romans was a symbol of death, punishment and bondage. Today, it is a symbol of freedom, life and victory over every one… Continue reading

New OS Updates Available

The Cross is my Operating System. It is NOT an addition. It is not an accessory. It is not an App It doesn’t just stay in Sunday, It Matriculates into my Monday, It… Continue reading