The rocks will cry out

Don’t ever come to church without coming as though it were the first time, as though it could be the best time and as though it might be the last time. Vance Havner

I could barely see the crowd through the fog and blue light shining in my face. My knees shook from the sheer excitement of the night ahead of me. Just 30 minutes but it’s all I needed and more to make a difference. I recall once, walking in this place, looking around, I saw the stage. My future. At least what I hoped it would be. Although I dreamed, I never though it possible tonight would be the night it came true.

Playing on the Paradise worship team was a far away dream. It seemed so out of reach. Everytime I go to church, I see her playing the keys and I cry inside because I thought it couldn’t be me. I don’t know how it happened but it happened so fast. And here I am, 7 months later, completely lost but totally loving what I love best about being on stage. Seeing the hands raised up to the one who heals the broken hearted. Seeing people race to the altar, searching in desperation on their knees, to find mercy and grace. Seeing how music leads and ushers in an overwhelming sense of comfort. Seeing the lost find purpose or the disillusioned glimpse an understanding of true freedom in Christ.

I believe music has magic. And words have the ability to kindle a passion in the deepest recesses of a stone cold heart. Worship can never be over-commercialized. We sing our songs because they were written with hands guided by God and hearts humbled by His love. Every single hymn, psalm, rhyme and ryhthm was individually inspired by God. The very twitters of a blue bird are proof of the song He has put in our hearts. The crash of the ocean against the seashore. The eruption of an active volcanoe. The echoes in an ice cave. The pitter-patter of the raindrops. Can’t you hear them?! The earth praises God and all the works of His hands. It is even in the twinkles of the billions of stars, the mirages in a deserts, the shimmers of the rainbows. Everywhere you look, you see the glory and wonder of His name. What a privilege to be a child of the living God.

“I tell you,” [Jesus] replied, “if [the disciples] keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”‘ Luke 19:40 

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of music. I will serve only You and no one else. My talents, my skills, my two fish and five loaves are Yours. Thank You for the opportunity to serve in Your house with Your people. May the lives of my generation be changed by the difference I make when I decide to follow You and Your ways. And may I praise You beyond that of any stones =)

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