Ah, brilliant! My cloak of invisibility works!

“I’m just a name on the roster.” “No one is indispensable, I can be replaced.” “It wouldn’t matter if I was even here.” “It’s only a matter of time before they figure out I don’t belong in this team.” “Oh God, I’m such a square head in a round hole!” ~Anonymous~

 Why is it we don’t see our value where God has placed us until Insecurity has done the damage? 

Faith is not so much [a numerical or quantifiable] amount, more so believing in the size of God. Daniel Thornton 

Thornton’s Arm’s Length Principle 

Suppose I were standing in front of you, if you stretched out your hand; palm facing me at an arm’s length, your palm would prolly be as big as my face. 

Ahhh but suppose if you brought your hands closer to your face, focused if you would, (maybe riiiiight in front of your eyes), then your palm would be bigger than me or your palm would be all you see!

Freaky isn't it?

Faith is the lenses through which we see God that ultimately affects what we allow Him to do in our lives. Daniel Thornton 

A lack of faith in how God see’s He can use you can cause you to lose out on your destiny. That lack of faith may be a direct result from a distorted, blurry, obsolete and invalid perception of God. 

Perception is reality. Anonymous 

I claimed I had faith in Him but how did I see the One who created me? He was only as big as my imagination allowed Him to be. How did I perceive Jesus? To what degree did I believe He was capable of knocking my socks off on a daily basis? How come Peter managed to get it right?! How did I need to see God? 



When I cannot see Jesus for who He is and everything that He capacitates, I need to refocus my lenses or get a new pair of glasses. 

“Where there is no vision, [My] people perish”
Proverbs 29:18

So now with my refocused optics, what would I see?
“I [would] see a generation, rising up to take their place, with selfless faith.
Brooke Fraser

If I keep Him at an arm’s length, then He might as well be as big as my palm, but if I gigapixel-ed Him closer, then He’s definitely bigger than me and maybe, just maybe, one day He’ll be ALL I can see. 


Isaiah 43:19  
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland.

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