All his bags are packed, he’s ready to go.

Dear Eric,


So finally you’re going overseas. It’s about time man. I’m really happy for you.  There’s no fear of loss of friendship either because we’ve been through 7 years already; it’s too late to turn back. Besides, only we will put up with all your *censored*. I’ve known you since we were Form 1 (same bus) but I think I started liking you only 4 years later and I have to say you have left a mark on me. It is impossible not to like you.

I’ll never forget the day you called me and I thought you were giong to confess your feelings of love for me because you wanted to speak to me with such urgency and emergency. Turns out you only wanted to let me know it was the One Tree Hill Season finale. I secretly still think you wanted to profess your love but chickened out at the last minute (humour me).

Anyway, just wanted to wish you all the best in Melbourne. Study hard and make us proud. We want you back safe and graduated. I hope you find everything life has to offer you in a world of total independence. Don’t worry, it’s not as lonely as they say.

Go live life, then come back to us. In the words of our friends from the 100 acre woods:

Dear Tigger,

Just a note to say-,

Dress Warmly. Eat well. Stay safe and sound. Keep smilin’. We’re always there for you.


Your family.

Us with the sweetest boy in Jln 31/78B KK

Also I know how much you love Jesus, so:

If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!”
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Thanks for being the friend that always picks us up when we fall, or when we have no transport.



Thinking of: Hugh Jackman and Adam Lambert’s Wataya want from me

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