Backed into a corner.

Why am I so discouraged?

Why am I so sad?

Yes. I’m afraid. What do You want from me?

I need a second to breathe. I’m coming around. What do You want from me?!

It’s not You. It’s me. I’m the freak.

So what do you want from me?!

I really shouldn’t be so disrespectful.

I want to say I’m sorry but it seems… empty.

My apologies are starting to lose their weight. And not to mention their meaning.

Truth be told I think I’m sorta pushing to see how much You really care to hold on.

By the way, thanks for loving me. You do it so perfectly.

I have a small request.

.Just please don’t give up on me. Not yet. You told me once I wasn’t beyond help. I’m hoping that’s still true now.

I will praise Him again,

My Saviour and My God.

Damn. Where’s the friggin’ turn in the road?

Thinking of: Chinese New Year firecrackers and Adam Lambert’s Wataya want from me

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