I’m going to touch the ‘butt’.

Fishes are stupid.


Isn’t that what they say? I mean, how many times do you have to have something screwed in your upper lip before you realise the worm is what it is; bait.

So let’s give fishes the benefit of doubt. Lessay fishes are smart. Even if you’re fooled by the smell and the looks of the bait wouldn’t you at least learn from someone else’s mistakes? Think of the amount of fishes that get hooked and die on a daily basis. Remember Uncle Ernie the curious trout? He said it was a harmless worm and that was the last time you ever saw of him. Obviously he’s never heard the saying “Curiosity killed the aquatic vertebrate animal”.

And yet no fish seems to get it:

Tasty worm floating around suspiciously =Death

And they call it a school of fish. =_= Something has to be done about the education system down there.

So no matter how many fishes die, there are still millions of Nemo’s out there who think *this* worm is different. *This* worm won’t kill me. I can handle *this* worm.

I find my behavior quite similar. No matter how many people make bad mistakes, I still insist on making those exact same mistakes myself. And no matter how much there is no benefit being addicted to certain things, I still continue chasing them; knowing the end result is on a poo-poo platter. Because for some reason I just don’t get it that something that comes easy and is too good to be true usually is O_O.

So let me get this straight: The moral of the story is that   I have the mental capacity of a fish. There are fishes out there smarter than me. I have no self-control.

there is no difference between me and Nemo.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the [deceptive worm], and he will flee from you. James 4:7

Note to self: Remember that a fisherman sets out to wait patiently until he catches something.

This is the Ocean, silly, we're not the only two in here. Dory.

Thinking of: Finding Nemo and Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin.

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