I get misty eyes as she says farewell. One.

I’m gonna miss a certain Seaweed. A certain someone that taught me life is full of vibrant colours. That optimism is a virus we should aspire to catch. She taught me to look for hope through the grayest of clouds, because behind every such cloud is a rainbow promising a better tomorrow. And most importantly, she taught me that saying ‘Sorry’ carries the deepest sincerity when you stuff up simply because you’re housemates and therein lies a bond whose depth no one else can understand.

Life is like a strawberry. Its epidermis is covered in unattractive tasteless achenes. As you take the first bite, your palate tastes the initial sweetness and succulence of the fruit. For a split second you feel the world is beautiful, perfect and full of sunshine.  Then as your teeth sink deeper into the flesh, the sweetness takes a turn for the worst and the core proves to be a sour, grody globoid you have to swallow because the unsavory pugnacious excuse for a fruit has confused your senses. Kind of like when your parents and teachers in school tell you about the sweetest parts of life but “unintentionally” leave out it’s veracious truth that you’ll inevitably end up miserable and dead.

Wu Xinzhuo. 2001.

Thank you, Wu XinZhuo, for helping me overcome my homophobia at least to a certain extent. I wish you all the best in Renming University. I love you.

P.S. I’m SSSSOOOOOO sorry for throwing away both your sim cards.

Life is too short, make fun of it. Anonymous.

Thinking of: The Pierces’ Secret and Gemma Atkinson.

One thought on “I get misty eyes as she says farewell. One.

  1. sumi, some of the sentences are not necessary~~XD…How DARE u write all these nonsense?!~~~

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