Jujurlah pada hatiku.

I have to be honest, every time I hear a prophet is in town, I get a little excited at the prospect that this interpreter of the will of God would bring some mind-blowing revelation about “my destiny”. Of course when I was younger, I would look eagerly at the messenger of God, trying to catch his attention with my doe-eyes, hoping against hope when his eyes grazed across mine, God would reveal some unspeakable truth about my life to him and he would then guide me in the way I should go. Needless to say, I was just another face in the crowd. Now, older and supposedly wiser, I still look eagerly at all prophets with the same expectation. Like in kindergarten, when the teacher is feeling generous and will reward the quietest kid with some candy. You kinda just sit there as quiet as a door mouse, butt-cheeks all tightened up in anticipation that somehow you’ll get noticed and get the sweet. Jujurlah pada hatiku, I still want to get noticed.

Thinking of: David McCracken and ways to get his attention.

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